Today, you can see “Marry Me” in movie theaters and on Peacock! The film features Jaiya Chetram (Really Rosie), Olivia Chun (School of Rock, The King and I), Ryan Foust (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Make Believe, Mary Page Marlowe), Jim Kaplan (The King and I, School of Rock), Diego Lucano (Trevor, School of Rock, Pedro Pan, Peace, Love and Cupcakes), and Taliyah Whitaker (brownsville song).

“Tiger Rising,” with Madalen Mills (School of Rock, “Jingle Jangle”), is now playing on digital platforms!

Tomorrow, watch the “Arts for Hearts” livestream to benefit victims of Typhoon Rai, with performances by The Braganza Sisters, James Ignacio (The King and I, Camp Rolling Hills, Peace, Love and Cupcakes), Frenie Acoba (Matilda), and Lianah Sta. Ana (Miss Saigon)! For more information, follow The Braganza Sisters on Instagram.

Here’s Tess Murphy (Waitress) in an ad for LesPoochs!

Luke Naphat (Trevor) and Liam Campora (Marvin’s Room, Noura) are performing in All Shook Up at LaGuardia High School from February 13-17! These performances will also be livestreamed. Get tickets HERE and more information HERE.

And here are pictures and videos from the kids of The Music Man and The Lion King!