About the Team

Name: Lindsay
Home: Los Angeles, CA
Role: Creator, Social Media Manager, SEO Manager
Birthday: June 6
Twitter: @LindsayKBurton
Instagram: @lindsaykburton
Other Websites: Kids on Tour

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Hi, my name is Lindsay! I started YBAN and have been running the website since I was 15 as well as running its sister site Kids on Tour. I hold two degrees in Computer Information Systems and Theatre Arts. Additionally, I’m a web developer for BroadwayCon! I also have a huge passion for sketch comedy and improv and would love to pursue a career in producing online content in addition to running YBAN. I occasionally make new videos on my channel LindsayKBurton. Some of my favorite things include Grace Helbig, sushi, “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend”, “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt”, SNL, “Bob’s Burgers”, and “Inside Out”!

Name: Audrey
Home: New York City
Role: Web Assistant
Birthday: March 16
Instagram: @broadwaybaby316
YouTube: Audrey Lang

Hi! I’m Audrey and I’m currently a sophomore at Ithaca College, majoring in theatre studies and minoring in web programming. I joined Young Broadway Actor News and Kids on Tour as a high school junior and love being part of the team. As a playwright, I’ve had work performed at Ithaca Theatre Collective, Manhattan Repertory Theatre, and MCC Theater Youth Company’s FreshPlay Festival. In addition, I’ve performed as an actor at Playwrights Horizons, the Theatre at St. Clement’s, and the Mac-Haydn Theatre, and I play a supporting role in the short film “Summer,” which premiered in New York City in January of 2018.

Name: Lizzie
Role: Graphic Designer
Birthday: November 19
Instagram: @lmmathias & @ringofkeys
Twitter: @lizziekinz45
Hometown: Grand Rapids, MI
Hi! My name is Lizzie, I am 14 years old, and in 8th grade. I am so excited to be a part of the YBAN/KOT team! I enjoy both fangirling over theatre and doing theatre. I love Lin-Manuel Miranda and my favorite shows are Hamilton, Fun Home, and In the Heights!

Name: Emily
Home: New York City
Role: Content Writer
Birthday: March 19
Instagram: @cellogirl2001

Hi! I’m Emily and I am a high school sophomore! I love musical theatre and want to pursue it as a career when I am older! In addition, I love to read, bake, and sing.

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