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Rileigh McDonald

RILEIGH MCDONALD (Frannie) Bio coming soon!


Review Quotes


“A stellar cast spans the cycle of life from childhood to old age. The play’s great heartbreak is the story of Frannie (Rileigh McDonald, onetime star of Matilda on Broadway).”


“12-year-old Frannie (a heart-breaking Rileigh McDonald)”

The Hollywood Reporter

“…the raw emotionality of McDonald’s performance makes her scenes compelling, building to alarming peaks of frantic anger.”

The Inquirer

“…little tormented Frannie (the remarkably good Rileigh McDonald)”


“…a fierce performance from Rileigh McDonald, one of Broadway’s many Matildas…”

Reclining Standards

“Rileigh McDonald, an astonishing young actress, brings the character vividly to life…”

T2C Online

“…and especially Rileigh McDonald all touch us…”

Talkin’ Broadway

“…a dangerously lost and suicidal 12-year-old girl, Frannie (Rileigh McDonald, giving a heart-wrenching performance).”

Theater Mania

“Rileigh McDonald gives a frightening performance as Frannie, a disturbed preteen with a history of abuse”

Theater Pizzaz

“Young Frannie (a sensational Rileigh McDonald)…”

Theater Time

“…She is brilliantly portrayed by Rileigh McDonald who gives one of the best performance I have seen, thus far, this season. Her searing emotions and frightening screams are incredibly realistic.”

Wolf Entertainment Guide

“Much is made of the plight of the 12-year-old Frannie, movingly portrayed by Rileigh McDonald, who is in foster care and increasingly troubled”

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