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Luca Padovan

LUCA PADOVAN (Charlie) Broadway: School of Rock (Billy, Original Cast); Disney’s Newsies (Les, Closing Cast). TV: “Super Wings” (Jett), “Sesame Street,” “Last Week Tonight,” “The View,” GMA,” “Maya & Marty” and “The Today Show.” Cast Album: School of Rock (Original Cast, Billy) and James and the Giant Peach (James). Luca has performed in various cabarets and concerts including Miscast as Eliza in The Schuyler Sisters and was a special guest for iTheatrics Junior Theater Festival in 2015 and 2017. @moreorlesluca


Liam Campora

LIAM CAMPORA (u/s Charlie) Bio coming soon!


Review Quotes

Broadway News

“Charlie, played with a sparky good humor by Padovan.”

Curtain Up

“Jack DiFalco and Luca Padovan are fine as brothers Hank and Charlie whose first meeting with their aunt will entail a somewhat scary medical procedure.”

Film Festival Traveler

“Luca Padovan is fine as bookworm Charlie”

Hollywood Reporter

“Padovan is appealingly natural as the uncomplicated Charlie.”

Huffington Post

“Thirteen-year-old Padovan has already demonstrated comic skill as Billy, the child fashion designer with tape measure around his neck in School of Rock. He shines here as the bookish son, making a large contribution to the gripping final scene.”

The Lillith Blog

“The bookish younger son, Charlie (Luca Padovan, in a lovely, reserved performance)”


“Two appealing young actors bring out the best qualities in these ill-assorted brothers. Young Charlie is a terrific kid in Luca Padovan’s unselfconscious performance, sweet enough to apply his aunt’s eye makeup for her, and smart enough not to make a big deal out of it.”

Times Square Chronicles

“Sidelined and watching is the sweet Charlie, played solidly by Luca Padovan (School of Rock).”

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