Erin Rose Doyle

ERIN ROSE DOYLE (Mary Phagan) is thrilled to be making her Broadway debut after performing in the NYCC’s production in November 2022. She would like to thank the creative team for this amazing opportunity and her family for their constant support. Erin Rose wants to dedicate every performance to her father who passed away in 2014.

Emily Rose DeMartino

EMILY ROSE DeMARTINO (Essie) Broadway debut! Shout out to CMPAC where Emily has performed in many shows since she was a kid! Many thanks to The Telsey Office and the Parade creative team. Sending love to my family and friends. (@emdemartino)

Sophia Manicone

SOPHIA MANICONE (Iola Stover) Broadway debut! Theatre credits: Parade (Iola – NYCC), Ruthless (Tina), Charlotte’s Web (Fern), Wizard of Oz (Dorothy), Sister Act (Mary Robert), Newsies (Katherine), Freaky Friday (Ellie), Sound of Music (Liesl). Thanks to the creative team for this amazing opportunity! Love to family & friends for their support! @sophia_manicone


Review Quotes

Entertainment Weekly

“…all-stars Emily Rose DeMartino…Sophia Manicone…”


“…a very sweet Erin Rose Doyle…”

The Wrap

“…exquisitely sung by Emily Rose DeMartino…and Sophia Manicone…”


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