Really Rosie



Taylor Caldwell

Taylor Caldwell TAYLOR CALDWELL (Rosie) Bio coming soon!


Swayam Bhatia

sway-bhatia-2017 SWAYAM BHATIA (???) Bio coming soon!


Kenneth Cabral

kenneth-cabral KENNETH CABRAL (???) Bio coming soon!

Jaiya Chetram

jaiya-chetram JAIYA CHETRAM (???) Bio coming soon!

Eduardo Hernandez

eduardo-hernandez-2017 EDUARDO HERNANDEZ (???) Bio coming soon!


Nanyellin Liriano

headshot_placement NANYELLIN LIRIANO (???) Bio coming soon!

Chris Lopes

headshot_placement CHRIS LOPES (???) Bio coming soon!

Zell Steele Morrow

zell-steele-morrow ZELL STEELE MORROW (???) Bio coming soon!


Ruth Righi

ruth-righi RUTH RIGHI (???) Bio coming soon!


Anthony Rosenthal

anthony-rosenthal ANTHONY ROSENTHAL (???) Bio coming soon!

Nicole Wildy

NICOLE WILDY (???) Bio coming soon!


Review Quotes


“…a terrific pack of young performers, who bring both vibrancy and vulnerability to their characters. Taylor Caldwell, an original cast member of “School of Rock,” shines as Rosie. ”

New York Times

“…all of the leading performers are delightful at something, whether because (like Taylor Caldwell, as Rosie) they have astonishing voices or because (like Kenneth Cabral, as Alligator, and Eduardo Hernandez, as Pierre) they move beautifully.”


“Taylor Caldwell, who has star written all over her…Anthony Rosenthal (Falsettos) is deliciously twisted as the death-obsessed Johnny, of “One Was Johnny” fame. Eduardo Hernandez (one of the terrific dancing children in On Your Feet!) cuts a mean rug as Pierre, a boy whose famously apathetic expression of “I don’t care” comes back to bite him, literally, when he’s eaten by a lion. Ruth Righi makes a huge and hilarious impression with her inspired comic turn as Rosie’s Dracula-obsessed friend Kathy. And in “Alligators All Around,” Kenneth Cabral, as Alligator, shows off his astonishing gift for dance in a fabulous tap-off between him and choreographer Ayodele Casel.”


“Taylor Caldwell was Rosie…what a performer! But like many children, the character of Rosie is saddled with a younger brother (named Chicken Soup), who in the show gets the final number, performed wonderfully by Zell Steele Morrow, with his big voice and big stage presence…And wow, can these kids sing and dance! Each of the performers already have extensive Broadway credits, and while these Broadway Babies may look like ordinary children, once they begin their numbers, they clearly have the talent and know-how to put over a song or dance on a professional level. Standouts were Ruth Righi (as “Kathy”), Anthony Rosenthal (as “Johnny”), and Eduardo Hernandez (as “Pierre”)…the terrific Kenneth Cabral (Alligator).”

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