TINK! Opens at NYMF, Sophia Anne Caruso Joins LAZARUS in London, and more!

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Happy opening to the company of Tink!, which began performances in the New York Musical Festival tonight! Break a leg!

Congratulations to Sophia Anne Caruso (Blackbird, Runaways, Lazarus, The Nether, The Sound of Music LIVE, Ruthless!), who will reprise her role from Lazarus in London! Get more information on Playbill.com. Also, please note that Sophia will not be performing in the show from December 18th to January 2nd.

Tonight, Katherine McNamara (A Little Night Music) will compete on “Cupcake Wars” on Food Network at 9/8c! Get more information in the Instagram post below:

#CupcakeWars w my girl @emeraudetoubia! Tonight on @foodnetwork. 💜

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Get your tickets for Still Ready at NYMF, featuring Luca Padovan (School of Rock, Newsies)! Find out more about the show:

Broadway Barks is this weekend! It will feature Ava Briglia (Matilda), Sophia Anne Caruso (Blackbird, Runaways, Lazarus, The Nether, The Sound of Music LIVE, Ruthless!), and Willow McCarthy (Matilda). Get more information on TimeOut.com.

Alumni Ellie Kim (Dream Street), Angeli Negron (Les Miserables), and Kolette Tetlow (Iowa), along with Kolette’s sister Korinne, appear in a new Yahoo series called “Kids Take On”! Watch it HERE.

Watch Brandon Niederauer (School of Rock) play Madison Square Garden on LiveForLiveMusic.com!

Here’s the Fun Home livestream from the Orlando event in case you missed it!

And here are pictures and videos from the kids of Tink!, School of Rock, Cabaret for a Cause, Fun Home, Trip of Love, New York Spectacular, and Motown!

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LIBERTY Closes, Jenna Ortega Departs NEW YORK SPECTACULAR, and more!

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Happy trails to Abigail Shapiro and the company of Liberty, which closed today! We can’t wait to see what’s next for you, Abigail! Here’s a full-cast picture:

Happy trails to Jenna Ortega, who played her final performance in New York Spectacular today! Be sure to catch her on “Stuck in the Middle” and “Elena of Avalor” on Disney Channel!

Watch Maya Jade Frank (Evita, Mary Poppins, A Little Princess) on tonight’s episode of “Bizaardvark”! Here’s a picture of Maya working on the episode:

IBT featured Nia Sioux talking about Trip of Love and “Dance Moms”! Read the article on IBTimes.com.

If you have a cable subscription, you can watch Tori Murray (Ruthless!) on “All In with Cam Newton” HERE!

Tink!, Camp Rolling Hills, and Lisa and Leonardo have extended their runs! Get more information on TheaterMania.com.

Join Fun Home on Facebook to watch a livestream of the opening of the concert in Orlando tonight!

The trailer for “Legends of the Hidden Temple” is out now! Watch it below, featuring Isabela Moner (Evita) and Colin Critchley (Waiting for Godot, Kinky Boots, New York Spring Spectacular).

And here are pictures and videos from the kids of School of Rock, Motown, Lisa and Leonardo, Tink!, Les Miserables, New York Spectacular, and Fun Home!

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MISSING GEMINI Opens, A DAY BY THE SEA Begins Previews, and more!


Happy opening to the company of Missing Gemini! Break a leg to all for tonight’s opening performance!

Break a leg also to the company of A Day by the Sea, which began previews tonight!

Motown has announced a closing date of July 31st. Get more details on Playbill.com.

We have a lot of news about new projects that our alumni and current kids have booked! Congrats to all:

Alphonso Jones II (The Lion King) has booked a feature film.

Maizy Boosin (Camp Rolling Hills) will appear on “Chopped” next month.

Gregory Diaz (You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown) has booked a commercial for American Family Insurance.

Lilli Jacobs (A Little Princess) has booked a voiceover for Atlantic Broadband.

Alivia Clark (Little Miss Sunshine, Dream Street) has a new animated series coming in 2017.

Madeleine Pace (Once) will appear in the short film “Hide and Seek”!

Lynn Masako Cheng (The King and I) has joined the tour of Annie! She’s pictured below with Alyssa Marvin (Number the Stars), who is also joining the tour’s company, and Madisen Johnson, a member of the tour cast.

Check out pictures from the New York Musical Festival opening night party, featuring the kids of Camp Rolling Hills and Tink!, on TheaterMania.com.

The cast of She Loves Me will celebrate their cast recording at Barnes & Noble on August 3rd! Get more details on Playbill.com.

In case you missed it, check out Nia Sioux (Trip of Love) on Pix11 in the video below!

Watch Carly Gendell (School of Rock) sing “The Rules of Being Cool”!

And here are pictures and videos from the kids of Cabaret for a Cause, Lisa and Leonardo, Matilda, New York Spectacular, Les Miserables, Fun Home, Missing Gemini, and School of Rock!

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RUTHLESS! Celebrates One Year Off-Broadway, Grayson Taylor on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” Tonight, and more!


Ruthless! celebrated one year Off-Broadway last week! Congratulations to the company! Check out pictures on BroadwayWorld.com.

Grayson Taylor (Mothers and Sons, New York Spring Spectacular) will be on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” tonight! Find out more in his Facebook post:

Maya Jade Frank (Mary Poppins, Evita, A Little Princess) will guest star on “Bizaardvark” this Sunday at 8/7c on Disney Channel! Check out the promo below:

Watch Tre Jones (The Lion King) do the Blindfold Drawing Challenge!

Check out these pictures of Sophie Knapp (Once, Dream Street, A Little Princess) on the set of “Wishful Whiskers”!

There’s still time to audition for this year’s Lyrics for Life, presented by Kids of the Arts! Get details about how to audition on Playbill.com.

Please enjoy a short film made by the kids of Fun Home!

And here are pictures and videos from the kids of Kinky Boots, Tink!, On Your Feet, School of Rock, New York Spectacular, Fun Home, Matilda, and Liberty!

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FIDDLER ON THE ROOF To Close, Alumni David and Jacob Guzman Featured on Playbill, and more!


Fiddler on the Roof has announced a closing date of December 31st, 2016. Go see Hayley Feinstein (A Little Princess) and the cast before then! Get more details on Playbill.com.

Twins and Newsies alumni David Guzman and Jacob Guzman are all grown up now and appearing in Hamilton and Fiddler on the Roof, respectively! Read an article about them on Playbill.com.

Watch Shane Davis (Matilda) dance with Justin Bieber in the video below! Also, check out Shane in ACT Magazine!

Nia Sioux talked to OK Magazine and UInterview about Trip of Love!

Check out pictures of the kids of Camp Rolling Hills at opening night of the New York Musical Festival on BroadwayWorld.com!

And here are pictures and videos from the kids of Tink!, New York Spectacular, Lisa and Leonardo, Fun Home, Cabaret for a Cause, Trip of Love, Kinky Boots, and Motown!

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SHE LOVES ME Livestream and Album Release Date, 4th of July Discount Tickets, and more!


Tonight was the She Loves Me livestream! Get your pass at BroadwayHD.com! You can watch the performance for the next week.

The She Loves Me cast album release date has been pushed back! Get more information on TheaterMania.com.

Many shows are offering discount tickets this weekend only in honor of the 4th of July! Get more information on TheaterMania.com.

The Broadway Flea Market returns in September! Learn more at TheaterMania.com.

Check out pictures from Love is Love presented by Kids of the Arts on BroadwayWorld.com!

And check out these pictures and videos from the kids of Runaways, Tink!, Fun Home, New York Spectacular, School of Rock, Matilda, and Les Miserables!

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