Raymond Luke Jr.

Raymond Luke Jr. (Motown)

Lots of news for you today!

Raymond Luke Jr. (Motown) has a film and a single coming out soon! He will soon begin filming “Misdemeanor: Puppy Love” which will also star Khail Toi Bryant, a former Young Nala! No word yet on the release date. His new single “Misdemeanor” will be out on iTunes on August 4th. Congratulations, Raymond!

Luca Padovan (Newsies) will join his fellow castmates of Newsies on Good Morning America to teach the choreography for “Seize the Day” on Tuesday. Be sure to DVR it!  I believe they will go on during the 8:30am slot, but we will keep you posted.

Gaten Matarazzo has posted his Les Miserables schedule through September 7th. You can find it at his Facebook fan page.

Sam Poon (Macbeth) along with his siblings appear in a print ad for T-Mobile, which can currently be found in People Magazine! You can view the ad at his Facebook fan page.

According to a recent interview with Lesli Margherita of Matilda, the current Matildas will depart the company within the next couple months. In this Broadway.com interview (starting at about 4:40), she says that the new Matildas will start next month, though we’re not sure if they are starting rehearsals or performances next month. We’ll keep you posted. She also gives very high praise for the past and present Matilda kids, so definitely check out the interview!

And here are some pictures and videos from the kids of Mother Jones and the Children’s Crusade, Newsies, The Lion King, Violet, Matilda, and Motown!

Video from Teshi Thomas
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