The cast of Newsies appeared on GMA this morning to teach the choreography for “Seize the Day”! Luca Padovan and Giuseppe Bausilio (Newsies) were in attendance. You can watch the full video below as well as find pictures from behind the scenes.

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Broadway Stands Up For Freedom took place last night and Zachary Unger (Newsies) performed during the event! You can find pictures at We will hopefully have video soon!

Colin Critchley (Waiting for Godot) has booked a feature film! He has been cast in “Wishin’ and Hopin'”. No word on other cast members or a release date. Congratulations, Colin!

The presale link for the Full Force CD feat. Raymond Luke Jr. (Motown) can be found HERE. The CD’s release date is set for August 26, 2014.

And here are pictures from the kids of Matilda, The Lion King, Motown, Violet, “Cabaret for a Cause”, Newsies, and Les Miserables!

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