Today, Raymond Luke Jr. took his final bow in Motown. Congratulations on a great run and we wish you all the best in whatever comes next!

The brand new video for “Misdemeanor: Puppy Love” is now available on YouTube. The video stars Raymond Luke Jr. (Motown), Teshi Thomas (The Lion King), Marquise Neal (Kinky Boots), and more. Watch below!

Lots of alumni news! Hannah Nordberg (Little Miss Sunshine) will co-star in “The Remains”, a horror film due out in 2015. Brigid Harrington (Mary Poppins) will be featured in the upcoming TV series from Investigation Discovery called “Momsters”. No premiere date has been announced for that yet, but it is due out sometime this year. Lastly, Katherine McNamara (A Little Night Music) has a brand new TV series coming out in September! “Happyland” focuses on the not-so-happy behind-the-scenes drama of a fictional theme park. The series premieres on September 30th at 11pm EST/PST on MTV. You can watch a trailer below. Congratulations to our alumni and their ongoing success!

Analise Scarpaci (Matilda) has booked two new voiceover gigs. Congratulations, Analise!

More Cabaret for a Cause videos have been added! Check out our ever growing playlist below, which starts with the most recent videos.

And here are pictures and video from Teshi Thomas (The Lion King)!