Teshi Thomas Kaci Walfall Caleb McLaughlin Cole Bullock

All four Lion King kids – Teshi Thomas, Kaci Walfall, Cole Bullock, and Caleb McLaughlin – will depart The Lion King on Sunday. Go see them while you can!

Tickets for brownsville song are now on sale. Pick ’em up at LCT.org!

Zoe Manarel (A Little Princess) has booked a commercial for Best Buy. Congratulations, Zoe! We will let you know when it’s on the air.

And here are pictures and video from the kids of Ruthless! and The Lion King!

Teshi Thomas singing “Circle of Life”

Teshi Thomas Kaci Walfall Cole Bullock Caleb McLaughlinTeshi ThomasCaleb McLaughlin Kaci Walfall Teshi Thomas Cole BullockSophia Anne Caruso