Sophia Anne Caruso

Tonight, Ruthless! plays its closing performance. Congratulations to Sophia and the rest of the company on a great run!

The Broadway Flea Market took place yesterday and we already have some pictures from the event. Take a look at the links below!

Mia Sinclair Jenness’s Facebook fan page
Grace Capeless’s Facebook fan page

Pictures from the Lion King cubs’ last performance are now up online! Teshi Thomas has posted a bunch since yesterday and you can find those below.

Onstage During/After Curtain Call
Teshi Thomas with her family
With family, friends, and castmates

Congratulations to The Lion King on becoming the top grossing Broadway production of all time, beating out Phantom of the Opera!

Hayden Signoretti (Mary Poppins, Richard III) is now a Best Supporting Actor nominee for the Golden Door International Film Festival for his performance in the film “Lies I Told My Little Sister”. Congratulations, Hayden!

And here are even more pictures from the kids of Matilda and The Lion King!

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