**If you enjoy mushy thoughts, keep reading!**

Today, we celebrate our 5-year anniversary. Time has FLOWN.

The origin of this website has never really been discussed so here you go!…

As a 15 year old, I (Lindsay) volunteered to stage crew a production of “Annie”. Sometime after the run concluded, I was curious as to what it was like to be in a family whose child was working professionally in theatre. I researched and was in awe reading every story. The commitment every family had was astounding. I researched further for a central news source focused on kids. There wasn’t one. Coincidentally at this time, I was taking a web design class and needed an extra project to keep me busy when I had nothing to do during class. I set a small website up and worked on it every day. I didn’t think anybody would see it.

A year after its initial launch, a few people contacted me telling me how much they enjoyed the website. I thought “Cool. Somebody’s listening!” Then a year after THAT – about when I had just entered college – productions like Annie and Matilda arrived. The website kind of exploded. Granted, this website (and Kids on Tour) is not as popular as other news sources but I’m still blown away at the attention we have been receiving. In addition to receiving lovely comments from all of you, we have also received support from people like Broadway professionals and stars from “Dance Moms”.

Over the past five years, we’ve seen the opening of 80+ Broadway and Off-Broadway productions and witnessed 300+ grace those productions. A few of those kids have been recognized individually for their performances – some beating out adults two or three times their age. We’ve also been fortunate enough to see MANY of those kids go on to appear in film and TV – many of those projects have gone on to be recognized with Academy Award and Emmy wins and nominations.

For me, this website has opened doors for me career-wise. It’s something that has gotten me work in the tech industry. It’s also helped me make connections with those in the theatre community. Those facts alone are still mind-blowing and exceeded my wildest dreams.

To the families of past and current featured kids: Thank you for supporting us throughout these years. I’m still inspired by the amount of support and commitment you have to your children. Your words of encouragement are always so uplifting.

To our fans/readers/supporters/etc.: Thank you for your endless support! I never get tired of getting notifications on my phone because one of you shared a post or “liked” it or whatever.

To Audrey (from Lindsay): Thank you for being our lifesaver! You dedication to this website and your work ethic is incredible. You’re going to rule whatever you do after college.

To the KIDS!: Thank you for being you! We are so honored to be even a small part of your career. We’re so proud of all you have accomplished and to watch you all grow in your craft. We’re so excited to see where you all go from here.

We’re excited to continue what we have been doing for the past five years. Thank you all for sticking around!

-Lindsay and Audrey