Ruthless! has been getting a lot of press just after its opening night! Take a look at the links below:

Meet 11-Year-Old Firecracker Tori Murray, the ‘Scary’ Star of Off-Broadway’s Ruthless! The Musical
Where Did They Find That Vicious Little Girl?

More alumni news! Emma Howard (Matilda, Violet) has scored a recurring role in the Amazon series “Transparent” and Simone Vysnovsky (Dream Street) will appear on season 3 of “A Crime to Remember” on Discovery. Way to go, girls!

Opening night photos from Three Days to See is now online! Take a look at the Transport Group’s FB fan page and

The kids of Matilda will perform at Broadway in Bryant Park this Thursday at 12:30pm! BroadwayWorld has the full details HERE.

Oona Laurence (Matilda) is featured in the Hollywood Reporter for her role in “Southpaw”! Read it HERE!

Alexa Valentino (Dream Street) is featured on the Northport Patch talking about her career and her role in Dream Street. Check it out HERE!

We now have full video of Rachel Resheff (Fish in the Dark) singing “This Little Light Of Mine” at Broadway Stands 4 Freedom! Watch below:

And here are more pictures from the kids of Dream Street, A Little Princess, and Fish in the Dark!