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“Jack of the Red Hearts,” featuring Taylor Richardson (Smokefall, Annie, A Christmas Memory) and Sophia Anne Caruso (Lazarus, The Nether, The Sound of Music LIVE, Ruthless!), will air on Lifetime on April 23rd at 8pm! Get more information on MyLifetime.com.

Congratulations to Brandon Niederauer (School of Rock), whose film “Here Comes Rusty” had its world premiere in Atlanta over the weekend!

Congrats to Stephen Sayegh (A Little Princess), who will appear in the upcoming feature film “The Comedian” as Eddie Jr.! Get more information the Facebook post below:

Congratulations to Sophie Knapp (Once, Dream Street, A Little Princess), who has booked a new short film called “Hide and Seek”! Find out more:

“Free 2 Love,” a new anti-bullying single by Alexa Valentino (Dream Street, Number the Stars), is now on iTunes! Check that out HERE, and see below for a picture of Alexa with Chris London, the writer/director of her new film “Uncle Gareth,” at the cast party and private screening at the Time Warner Center in Columbus Circle!

And here are pictures and videos from the kids of The King and I, Rachel Resheff‘s (The People in the Picture, Fish in the Dark, Shrek, Billy Elliot, Mary Poppins) recent 54 Below show, Matilda, School of Rock, Les Miserables, Tuck Everlasting, and Waitress!

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