School of Rock kids Rachel Katzke, Walden Sullivan, Levi Buksbazen, and Zachary Zwelling will take part in a BroadwayCon panel called “Band Practice” at 10am on January 27th! Also, alum Ben Cook (Ragtime, Billy Elliot) will be in the Broadway Ensemble Panel at 12pm on January 26th alongside ensemblists from SpongeBob SquarePants, Hamilton, and more! Get more information on both panels HERE.

Kyla Carter (Number the Stars) appears in “Trolls: The Beat Goes On,” now streaming on Netflix! Check out this promo:

Here’s a scene from the independent film “Life,” featuring Jesús Del Orden (Kinky Boots)!

And check out these pictures and videos from the kids of School of Rock, Ballyturk, Frozen, and Broadway Kids Jam!

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