If you were at BroadwayCon last month, you may noticed the Harmony Helper booth on the second floor. We are so excited to finally share that on Wednesday (February 27th), the new app titled Harmony Helper will arrive in app stores! Harmony Helper, created by Andrew Goren, is the first app designed specifically to help singers learn their harmony line for their next big audition, gig, and much more! While a rehearsal of any kind normally requires spending time in a rehearsal hall, choir room, etc., Harmony Helper makes it convenient to rehearse your music wherever you’d like either on your own or with others.

Goren worked with the feedback of industry professionals as well as new patented recording technology to create a first-of-its-kind app. With the existence of Harmony Helper, singers can save money on rehearsal spaces and thus learn their vocal part at an affordable rate.

Get ready to learn those harmonies with ease, using features including:

  • Easy way to add in your music via sheet music scanning.
  • Custom part mapping, for adding in extra harmonies or customizing a harmony already in place.
  • Real-time feedback, to improve pitch and timing.
  • Instant playback.
  • Vocal part volume control. Adjust the volume of all other harmony lines to your heart’s desire to focus on yours.
  • Collaborate with your fellow singers and musical directors by sending your vocal part to one another to add and adjust harmonies.
  • Auto-generated vocal parts for singers who don’t have the ability just yet to read sheet music

Harmony Helper is designed for beginner singers all the way through those at the professional level. Choral groups, music directors, music coaches, and more can benefit from its features in this safe, judgement-free, and encouraging interface.

Pricing breaks down as follows:

  • Initial download and sample songs: Free
  • Monthly subscription (unlimited songs): $7.99
  • Annual subscription (unlimited songs): $76
  • Director pricing: $9.99/month or $96 if paid annually

We had the opportunity to demo the app at the Harmony Helper booth at BroadwayCon and we can safely say that this is a game-changer in the arts industry. We highly recommend checking out the app beginning February 27th and incorporating it in your next production/gig/etc.!

So whether you need to learn the alto line from the opening number of Waitress or you just wanna learn the bass line to impress your friends next time you sing “Happy Birthday” with your squad, Harmony Helper gives you the tools you need in the palm of your hand!

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