Broadway alum Mikee Castillo (The Lion King) has stepped into the national tour of The Lion King, reprising her role as Young Nala for a limited run!

Sumaya Bouhbal (Runaways) will guest star on “Law & Order: SVU”! More details (including air date) to come.

Cate Elefante (Waitress) and Jacob Michael Laval (The Rose Tattoo) have booked an episode of “Sesame Street”!

Lily Buchanan (The Underlying Chris) is appearing in an advertisement for Optimum!

Kylie Kuioka (Panama Hattie) has been cast in a developmental lab of The Remarkable Journey of Tianguo!

Delaney Quinn (Waitress) appears in this new video for Nick Jr.!

And check out this photo from the kids of Dear Evan Hansen!