300+ Anti-Racist Resources for Families

We at Young Broadway Actor News have been listening to the ongoing conversations concerning Black Lives Matter. As we poured through resources to combat racism, we felt that sharing a listicle and walking away would not be enough. This is due to two reasons: 1) we recognize that the serious and unjust issues regarding the black community today must be addressed and 2) we are inspired by the younger generation who wishes to learn more about today’s issues to create a better and brighter world tomorrow. Over the past week, we have gathered over 300 resources for parents, kids, teens, and families to discuss racism with one and other in an age-appropriate way. All resources have been categorized by age group, which were determined by the particular resource’s author, publisher, or press release. The age recommendations are guides. It is up to each individual parent to decide what is appropriate for their children when considering their maturity level and emotional intelligence. On the flip side, feel free to explore the materials listed in a younger age group if you are a member of an older age group listed here.

The resources below include the following:

  • Books, movies, TV, documentaries, and theatre that discuss race, acceptance, civic engagement, police brutality, the black experience, and much more in an age appropriate way. We wanted to include media that not only educates the viewer on the issues of today, but to also diversify the type of people they see on screen and on stage. Some pieces of art are non-fiction looks at our current world. Others are positive examples of fictional works designed to entertain.
  • Articles for parents created as a starting point for talking to children about race.
  • Mental health/self care resources for people of all ages during this especially scary time.

We recognize that this list alone will not stop racism completely. However, we see this as a starting point for long-lasting change – both in your own community and the world at large.

We are always open to adding more to our list. Feel free to contact us at admin@youngbway.org for more additions.


Please consider purchasing these books at any of the black-owned bookstores HERE or HERE.




Note: Most of the musicals/plays listed above contain links for where to find them, including links to purchase scripts, view montages, and interviews with the playwright.

Lists of more black playwrights:
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Mental Health/Self Care

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