Sami Bray’s Birthday, “Madagascar: A Little Wild” Season 2 feat. Shaylin Becton Now Streaming on Hulu, and more!

Happy birthday to Sami Bray (The Bedwetter)! We hope you had a great day, Sami!

Season 2 of “Madagascar: A Little Wild,” featuring Shaylin Becton (The Lion King), is now streaming on Hulu!

Nirvaan Pal (School of Rock) has booked and worked on a number of voiceover projects, including two series and another season of “Bubble Guppies”! Find out more:

Talia Ryder (Matilda) was included in an article from British Vogue – “These 6 Actors Are Set to Rule 2021”! Read it now on

Andrew Barth Feldman (Dear Evan Hansen) stopped by the “Little Known Facts” podcast! Get more details on

Here’s the newest episode of “Kyla’s Korner,” hosted by Kyla Carter (Number the Stars)!

And here are pictures and videos from the kids of The Bedwetter, Trevor, and The Lion King!

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