(NEW YORK, NY) – “The Woman from Hamburg” producer Elle Kurata and director Michael Masarof are pleased to announce Broadway’s Pearl Scarlett Gold as Young Helusia. The film, set to shoot in March, will also feature, lauded actress Jenette Goldstein (Titanic, Aliens, and Lethal Weapon 2) and Einat Holland an Israeli actress known for her work in the popular Israeli television show, Dismissed.

Ms. Gold is a New York-based actress currently playing Young Rosa in the Oliver-award winning play, Leopoldstadt. On joining the cast of “The Woman from Hamburg”, she says, “I’m looking forward to bringing this special character to the screen in such an important story.

Adapted from a true story by Hanna Krall, The Woman From Hamburg tells the story of Regina, a young Jewish woman who in 1943, Lwów, Poland, loses her entire family to the Holocaust and is rescued by a young childless couple, Jan and Barbara and given shelter in their wardrobe.
Over time, Regina grows close with the couple, and Barbara and she are forced to make sacrifices to stay alive. Many years later, Helusia, a descendant of Regina’s, embarks on a quest and makes a discovery that upends the lives of all involved and exposes the intergenerational trauma of the Holocaust.

Director Michael Masarof says, “Hanna Krall’s The Woman from Hamburg is even more important today than when I first read it fifteen years ago. I believe the rise of antisemitism in the world is directly related to the passing of time between the Holocaust and now. There are less voices of Holocaust survivors to tell their stories. We are pleased to bring new generations together to tell these stories”.