Did you know part of our success relies on support from you? Here is how you can help contribute to our blog!

-The best way to let us know of upcoming commercial/film/TV/music projects is to contact us! 600+ kids have appeared on the blog so far so it’s hard to keep up with everyone’s adventures once their time on Broadway has come to a close. Email us your good news at admin@youngbway.org.

If your child’s show is on here but your child is not, please email us with a headshot, bio, and any social media links! Sometimes shows do not send out official press releases of their cast so we can’t always identify each child.

If your child is on the website but they do not have a bio, headshot, or any social media links listed, contact us! This is more for Off-Broadway kids, but we have a difficult time locating headshots and bios sometimes. We also don’t link private social media accounts unless specifically requested by a parent.

If your child is in a Broadway or Off-Broadway show but the show is not listed here, contact us! Please keep in mind that due to our small staff, we stick with covering professional productions (those under an AEA contract) which play Broadway and Off-Broadway theaters with a capacity of 100+ seats.

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