Ava Briglia Joins MATILDA, Megan Trageser and Swayam Bhatia on “Saturday Night Live,” and more!

Matilda the musical

Please welcome Ava Briglia, who makes her Matilda debut today in the show’s title role! Congratulations, Ava! Here she is with former Matilda Fina Strazza:

Megan Trageser (Dream Street) and Swayam Bhatia (Dream Street) appeared on “Saturday Night Live” last night in this sketch!

And here are pictures and videos from the kids of Disaster!, Dream Street, The Sound of Music LIVE, Kinky Boots, On Your Feet, Waitress, Fun Home, Finding Neverland, The King and I, Matilda, Tuck Everlasting, and School of Rock!

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New Year’s, Jeremy T. Villas’s Last KINKY BOOTS Performances, and more!

Thank you all for a successful 2015! Our website turned 5 and 24 new productions opened this year and passed through our website, one of which won the Tony for Best Musical. And one of our very own was honored with a Tony nomination! Here are some personal highlights from the year: the Tony Awards and our staff members meeting so many alumni! We are so grateful for all of the alumni, parents, and fans who support us. This year was incredible. Thank you and happy new year!

New Years Eve 2015

Read Jeremy T. Villas‘s post below to find out when your last chances to see him as Young Lola in Kinky Boots are!

Oona Laurence (Matilda) will no longer be participating in the Broadway kid panel at BroadwayCon–BUT, a new guest is TBA! Check out Cabaret for a Cause‘s post below to find out more:

Congratulations to Jersey Sullivan, who went on as Freddy in School of Rock last night! Here he is with his castmates:

i just wanted to congratulate jersey for doing an amazing job as Freddy tonight!🎸🎶👏

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And here are pictures and videos from the kids of Radio City Christmas Spectacular, Les Miserables, Dream Street, Matilda, Finding Neverland, and Fun Home!

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FIDDLER ON THE ROOF Opens, Lilla Crawford and Isaiah D. Negron on “Blue Bloods,” and more!


Happy opening to Fiddler on the Roof! Break a leg to Hayley Feinstein (A Little Princess) and the entire company!

You can watch “Flags of Our Fathers,” Season 6 Episode 10 of “Blue Bloods,” featuring Lilla Crawford (Annie, Billy Elliot) and Isaiah D. Negron (The Lion King), on CBS.com!

Kids from Broadway and Off-Broadway shows gathered in NYC to sing for peace this past Saturday! Here are some pictures of kids from The King and I, Dream Street, and more, at the event!

And here are pictures and videos from the kids of The Lion King, Radio City Christmas Spectacular, Fun Home, School of Rock, Matilda, Finding Neverland, The King and I, and Les Miserables!

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Best of Broadway 2015, SCHOOL OF ROCK and RUTHLESS! in the news, and more!

Fun Home

Our Broadway and Off-Broadway shows made a couple of this year’s Best of Theatre lists! In Entertainment Weekly, The King and I is 9th, The Audience is 5th, and Fun Home is 2nd. Time Magazine ranks Lazarus (11th), Finding Neverland (9th), The King and I (4th) among its list. Congratulations, everyone! You can view the full lists at Time.com and EW.com.

The kids of School of Rock and Ruthless! were featured in different articles today! Take a look at the links below.

BB Kids: Bobbi MacKenzie and More Make Broadway Debuts in School of Rock
Westfield girl lights up stage in off-Broadway production of ‘Ruthless!’

Congrats to Sofia Roma Rubino (School of Rock) who went on for Summer last night – the same night as her birthday!

Congratulations to Maria May (Billy Elliot) who will appear on “What Would You Do?” yet again! Her air date is TBA.

A performance schedule for The Lion King kids is out now! You can view the schedule at Julian Silva’s FB fan page.

Lots of opportunities this month to see our past and current kids in action! Kids from Fun Home, Sound of Music LIVE, and more will perform with This Way 2 Broadway, a showcase after a culmination of workshops, for young actors on Monday night (Dec. 14th) at 6pm at Symphony Space! More details can be found at BroadwayWorld.com. Then on Dec. 18th-19th, kids from Motown and Dream Street will perform in Evergreen at Prospect Theatre Company! Get your tickets at ProspectTheatre.org.

Go behind-the-scenes of Ruthless! and watch Tori Murray prep for the stage by watching the video below:

And here are more pictures and videos from the kids of Les Miserables, School of Rock, King and I, Radio City Christmas Spectacular, Matilda, Fun Home, Lazarus, and Dream Street!


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A CHRISTMAS STORY 54 Below Concert Tonight, Pictures from THE LION KING, DREAM STREET, and more!

The kids of A Christmas Story reunited tonight for a concert at 54 Below! We hope it was fabulous! Get more information on 54Below.com.

And here are pictures and videos from the kids of The Lion King, Dream Street, School of Rock, Radio City Christmas Spectacular, Fun Home, and Matilda!


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So happy to see @lesliekritzer today!

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Jorge Vega’s Birthday, RADIO CITY Casting, and more!

Jorge Vega

Happy Birthday to Jorge Vega (Radio City Christmas Spectacular)! We hope your day was wonderful.

More casting for Radio City Christmas Spectacular has been announced! Kayla Mak returns as one of the Claras and Jack Mastrianni (A Christmas Story) and Jack Broderick (Matilda) will join Sawyer Nunes as one of the Patricks. Congratulations, everyone!

Sam Chuck (Les Miserables) will take part as Little Jake in New York City Center’s Annie Get Your Gun with Megan Hilty! Performances are Oct. 27-28, 2015. More info can be found at NYCityCenter.org. Congrats, Sam!

The first production photos for Before Your Very Eyes are now on BroadwayWorld.com! Take a look.

Poster art for “Coat of Many Colors” (feat. Hannah Nordberg of Little Miss Sunshine) is now online! Take a look below. The TV movie will air Dec. 9th on NBC at 9/10c (click on it for a full image).

The Lion King will record new production footage in honor of their 18th anniversary and they’re inviting the public to attend! Filming will take place on Oct. 30th. Attendees should arrive by 12:30pm to begin at 1pm. Filming will last for 3-4 hours. To RSVP, visit TheLionKing.com/CircleOfLife.

Watch a brand new montage from First Daughter Suite feat. Carly Tamer below!

And here are more pictures from the kids of Tuck Everlasting, Finding Neverland, Dream Street, Radio City Christmas Spectacular, Fun Home, Matilda, School of Rock, and Kinky Boots!



Tahlia Ellie on “Unraveled,” Emma Howard at iDance4aCURE Meet and Greet, and more!


Congratulations to Tahlia Ellie (The Gray Man), who has booked an episode of “Unraveled” on Discovery ID! Tahlia’s episode will probably air in the new year. Have fun on set, Tahlia!

If you’re in the Los Angeles area, come meet Emma Howard (Violet, Matilda) at Dockweiler State Beach on November 8th as part of a meet and greet at iDance4aCURE! Get more information in the Facebook post below:

Congratulations to Jorge Vega (Radio City Christmas Spectacular), who has booked a new film called “Paterson”! Here’s a picture of Jorge with the director, Jim Jarmusch!

We need bios and headshots for our Before Your Very Eyes page! Please send us any that you may have through our Contact page HERE!

And here are pictures and videos from the kids of The Gray Man, Fun Home, Before Your Very Eyes, Dream Street, The Lion King, School of Rock, and Matilda!


Rachel Arianna to Host “Heart to Heart,” Lyrics for Life Videos, and more!

Rachel Arianna (Number the Stars) will host the first “Heart to Heart” event with Kids of the Arts! It will benefit Free2Luv, and will be at 54 Below on November 7th! Get more information below:

We have more videos from Lyrics for Life! First, here is “Go Into Your Dance” from 42nd Street!

Check out the Disney medley at Lyrics for Life!

And here is “Broadway Baby” from Follies!

We also have videos from Cabaret for a Cause at 92 Y Street Festival! First, here’s Tyrah Skye Odoms (Annie) singing “Dear Future Husband”!

Check out Alessandra Baldacchino (A Little Princess), soon to make her Broadway debut in Fun Home, performing “I Wish”!

And finally, here is Sawyer Nunes (Finding Neverland, Matilda) and Christian Mardini performing “Breakeven”!

Check out these pictures from opening night of The Gray Man!

Megan Trageser (Dream Street) will be at the Broadway Workshop table at Broadway Flea Market tomorrow! Get more information below:

And here are pictures and videos from the kids of The Lion King, Finding Neverland, Fun Home, Matilda, The King and I, Les Miserables, and On Your Feet!



Shahadi Wright Joseph to Join SCHOOL OF ROCK, Lyrics for Life Production Photo, and more!

Congratulations to Shahadi Wright Joseph, who after departing The Lion King in the near future, will join the company of School of Rock! Check out her announcement and some of her last few pictures at The Lion King below:

Check out this production picture from Lyrics for Life, featuring kids from Dream Street, Number the Stars, and Once!

And here are pictures from the kids of The Lion King, Fun Home, Matilda, Finding Neverland, Les Miserables, Kinky Boots, and The King and I!



Lyrics for Life Photo Coverage, Pictures and Videos from FUN HOME, and more!

BroadwayWorld has photo coverage from Lyrics for Life! Check out the red carpet pictures HERE and the performance photos HERE!

And here are pictures and videos from the kids of Fun Home, Les Miserables, Kinky Boots, Once, Matilda, and The King and I!