Cabaret for a Cause Videos, FUN HOME at Broadway in Bryant Park, and more!

More videos from Cabaret for a Cause are now on YouTube! Check out Brooke Tyler performing “The Hymm of Axiom”, Eleanor Koski, Mckayla Twiggs, Maya Grace Fischbein, and Ali Baldacchino performing “Beautiful”, Joshua Turchin, Cole Alex Edelstein, David Rosenthal, and Evan Gray singing “Stars”, Rachel Jackson performing “Who Will Comfort Me”, and Eliza Farr performing “Castle”!

Gabby Pizzolo represented Fun Home at Broadway in Bryant Park! Take a look at those pictures and video below:


Join us on Facebook for a LIVE STREAM of our performance at #BroadwayinBryantPark!

And here are more pictures from the kids of Trip Of Love, New York Spectacular, Tink, and The Gold!

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I'm going to miss these guys! 3 more weeks! #radiocitymusichall #nyspectacular @therockettes

What did you do this weekend? I went to a celebration dinner after finishing my first week of @tripoflove !!

“Bad Moms” Release, TRIP OF LOVE To Close, and more!

trip-of-love Unfortunately, Trip of Love will close on August 7th. Go see it while you can! Get tickets at

Congrats to Oona Laurence (Matilda) whose film “Bad Moms” comes out today! We are so proud of you! Check out the trailer below:

And here are more pictures and video from the kids of New York Spectacular, Falsettos, Motown, School of Rock, Tink, and Fun Home!

I had a lot of fun seeing @vincentcrocilla KICK BUTT in the Rockettes New York Spectacular, as well as my awesome Christmas Story dad and the tappy @dannyjgnyc! I also got to meet the super nice @lillacrawford! Today was a good day.

Trying this new es335 (the other one was lost by Gibson repare shop) with @elisetestone ........... How many times have I played at @Brooklynbowl ?

Have a great Monday! #twinning #friends

The @funhomemusical kids were just a LITTLE excited to meet @joshgad Thanks for being so awesome and signing all our stuff! PS- don't stress, @colegreyfun got you an autograph too. Xo

Playing purple rain, on a purple guitar, with purple lighting, a purple night sky, and a purple shirt #prince

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Oliver reunion in NYC! So glad I got to see you @ethan.vanslyke! #Oliver @arenastage #broadwaykids #faginsgang

Right in the middle of it all, no place I'd rather be! Are you readyyyyyyy NewYork! #showtime #afro #youngmichael #workday #timesquare #motownthemusical #kidtalent #talent #inthesestreets #nyc #manhatten #teen #teenagetalent #newyorkcitylife #streetliggts #industrykids #entertainme #showtime #getready #areyouready #broadway #peopleeverywhere #somanypeople #traffic #streetlights #advertisements #motownmusical #beats #beatsbydre

WE'RE DANCING CAUSE ITS TUESDAY!! THE DAY OF TUESDAY IS A HIDDEN GIFT!! #youarentevenmyfamily @dannyjgnyc @kaciesheik @vincentcrocilla #NYSpectacular @therockettes