Quinten Kusheba

QUINTEN KUSHEBA (Tommy – Age 10) Broadway debut! Regional Theater: Secret Garden, School of Rock, Little Mermaid, Lion King. Forever grateful to TRC, and The Who’s Tommy creative team. Special thanks to Barry Kolker, Leorah Haberfield, Amelia DeMayo, Marc Tuminelli, Virginia Musical Theatre, Hurrah Players, my loving and supportive family. @quintens_chronicles

Reese Levine

REESE LEVINE (Tommy – Age 10) Thrilled to be making his Broadway Debut! Recent: The Secret Garden (Colin Craven, Ahmanson Theatre directed by Warren Carlyle), School of Rock (Billy). TV: “Barry” (Young Barry), Nickelodeon’s “Side Hustle.” Upcoming Film: Almost Popular. Thanks to Mom, Dad, Philip, Doug, Craig, Ted, Sherry, Avalon Artists Group, Rebel Creative Group, Tara Rubin Casting, and Des McAnuff. @reesemlevine

Cecilia Ann Popp

CECILIA ANN POPP (Tommy – Age 4) Broadway debut! Theatre: Willie Wonka, Matilda (Children’s Acting Academy), Annie (A Class Act NY). VoiceOver: Nina & Olga (Enanimation), Toru (Animoon). Special thanks to Tara Rubin Casting, The Who’s Tommy creative team, Kim Pedell/Zoom Talent, Amelia DeMayo, Mimi Stuart, and my loving family. @ceciliapopp

Olive Ross-Kline

OLIVE ROSS-KLINE (Tommy – Age 4) Broadway debut! Tours: International Tour of The Sound of Music (Gretl), The Sharpe Family Singers Broadway Concert Tour. Off-Broadway/Regional: The Waiting Room (NYC Theatre Festival), Matilda, Jr. (Matilda) Voiceover: Tonies® Box Toys, Born to Learn Original Cast Recording. Thanks: Foundation Media Partners, CESD, and Tara Rubin Casting. Insta:@littlemissoliveofficial

Parental Guidance

Age 16+ for depictions of child abuse, bullying, suggested sexual and substance abuse and scenes of war.


Review Quotes


“…entrancing Cecilia Ann Popp, and then the excellent Quinten Kusheba…”


“Those younger Tommy iterations, by the way, were played at the reviewed performance by Olive Ross-Kline (Tommy at 4) and Quinten Kusheba (age 10), both (adorably) wigged with the same unruly mane Bourzgui sports, and both given chances to shine as actors and singers.”

New York Stage Review

“…Cecilia Ann Popp as Tommy Age 4 and Reese Levine as Tommy Age 10 were wonders of blank silence.”

New York Post

“And some exceptional child actors play Tommy in his torturous younger years.”

New York Theater

“…portrayed at the performance I attended by diminutive Cecelia Ann Popp…when Quinten Kusheba (who portrayed the ten-year-old Tommy on the night I attended) sings a piercingly clear rendition of ‘See me, hear me’…”


“Tommy…made legendary by the three actors who embody him. The youngest iteration (Cecilia Ann Popp at the performance I attended) and his tween successor (Quinten Kusheba, similarly alternating)…”

The Wrap

“…Cecilia Ann Popp and Quinten Kusheba, both being amusingly zombie-like…”

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