Abigail Shapiro Milly Shapiro

Tonight, the Shapiro Sisters, Abigail (Liberty, How the Grinch Stole Christmas) and Milly (Matilda), sang with Broadway Against Bullying at 54 Below! Find out more about the concert on 54Below.com.

The kids of School of Rock will perform at Broadway Sessions this Thursday!

Listen to an official recording of Sarah Charles Lewis (Tuck Everlasting) singing “Everlasting” on Broadway.com!

As previously announced, Emma Howard (Violet, Matilda) and Jaidyn Young (Annie) are performing a cabaret show at 54 Below called “Together At Last”! Be sure to get your tickets soon! Find out more on 54Below.com.

Congratulations to Ellie Kim (Dream Street), who has booked a commercial web series for the International Dodgeball League! Here she is on set:

And here are pictures and videos from the kids of The Lion King, Fun Home, Disaster!, Matilda, School of Rock, and The King and I!

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