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Happy Trails to Gianna Harris, Brandon Niederauer, Sammy Ramirez, Paul Luke Bonenfant, Raghav Mehrotra, and Jersey Sullivan, who all played their final performance in School of Rock today! We can’t wait to see what’s next for all of you!

Happy Trails to Hudson Loverro, who played his final performance in A Bronx Tale today! Congrats on a great run!

Finally, Happy Trails to the companies of The Traveling Lady, Play Like a Winner, Generation Me, and Peace, Love and Cupcakes, which all finished their runs today! Best of luck in all your future endeavors!

Christian Mullins (Kinky Boots tour) made his Broadway debut in Kinky Boots this week!

Watch footage from the A Bronx Tale performance at this week’s Broadway in Bryant Park below or on!

And here are pictures and videos from the kids of Peace, Love and Cupcakes, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, School of Rock, Kinky Boots, On Your Feet, Generation Me, A Bronx Tale, The Lion King, Anastasia, and Frozen!

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