School of Rock has announced seven new cast members who will be joining at the end of January; five of them are making their Broadway debuts! The new kids will be Montgomery Lamb as Katie, Jim Kaplan (The King and I) as Lawrence, Sarah Walsh as Marcy, Iggy Rosado as Mason, Madalen Yarbrough Mills (Grinch tour) as Sophie, Madison Elizabeth Lagares (On Your Feet) as Shonelle, and Katie Greendorfer as Madison. Gabrielle Greene, currently in the cast as Shonelle and the understudy for Tomika, will take over the role of Tomika, and Rachel Katzke, Walden Sullivan, Amadi Chapata, Demi Singleton, Annabelle Wachtel, Terrence Bell Jr., and Chloé Bryan will depart the show. Get more details on!

“The Post,” with Austyn Johnson (Matilda, Dream Street), is now in theaters everywhere! “Proud Mary,” with Jahi Diallo Winston (The Lion King), is also out now. Go see both films!

And here are pictures from the kids of School of Rock, Waitress, The Pill, and Ballyturk!

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