IMG_5670As promised, I (Lindsay) made a separate post about Cabaret for a Cause: LA! I’ve personally never attended an event like this so it was all a new experience for me. I was so blown away by all the talent on that stage! Every singer and dancer that graced the stage was remarkable. Before the show, I had the privilege of meeting alumni Kaci Walfall and Mia Sinclair Jenness (both currently on tour with Matilda), their family, and Tiffany Schleigh, who created Cabaret for a Cause. Then afterwards I met Hannah Nordberg (Little Miss Sunshine), Emma Howard (Matilda, Violet), and Jaidyn Young (Annie) – as well as Jaidyn’s wonderful mother – all so kind! I also met other readers of the website which made me feel so good! I couldn’t believe just how many kind words I got about this website on Monday night. It was a night to remember for sure. Take a look at video and pictures from the event! Below you’ll find Hannah Nordberg (Little Miss Sunshine) singing “I’m Not Alone”, Jaidyn Young (Annie) singing “First Date – Last Night” with Dillon Klena and the whole cast singing “Brave”! Photo Coverage