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PRESLEY RYAN (u/s Lydia Deetz/Ensemble – Lydia Feb. 28th-Mar. 29th) Broadway: Fun Home. Tour: How the Grinch Stole Christmas! (MSG). Regional: Beetlejuice (National), Beaches (Signature/Drury Lane), Annie (Engeman). TV: “OITNB,” “Difficult People.” Thanks to my family, CESD, Green Room, Ellyn Marsh, Adrienne McKeown, Rachel Hoffman, entire Beetlejuice team. @prezryan

Review Quotes

The Broadway Blog

“Caruso, taking on a role iconically stamped by a young Winona Ryder, also has a bright future. Here, her adolescent angst well serves composer Eddie Perfect’s moody melodies…”

Broadway News

“…Caruso infuses Lydia with a believable combination of goodbye-cruel-world teen angst and lonely yearning…”


“There’s plenty worth a haunt here…most of all, the deliriously gorgeous singing of young Sophia Anne Caruso…In the co-starring role that’s not Beetlejuice, Caruso (who several years ago at 14 all but stole the Off Broadway Bowie musical Lazarus from Michael C. Hall with her show-stopping ‘Life On Mars?’) pulls off what might be the show’s most impressive illusion: She makes us believe the morbid Lydia’s self-described strangeness is just that, even when the girl’s interests and very cool black attire place her well within the non-strange spectrum of contemporary adolescence.”

The Ensemblist

“…Presley Ryan as a horse jockey, it’s fun to identify how each character passed away….Lead by the…achingly sincere Sophia Anne Caruso, the company takes audiences on a wild, somewhat silly but always hilarious ride. It’s not subtle, it’s not quiet, but it’s a whole lot of fun.”

Financial Times

“Her name is Caruso. Not yet 18 years old, she has the stage presence of a seasoned pro and a soaring mellifluous voice. Her Lydia constantly lights up…”

Hollywood Reporter

“And the enchanting Caruso (last seen in the David Bowie musical Lazarus) nails them with powerful vocal chops; she balances toughness with vulnerability, cynical humor with hurt in a lovely performance that gives the relentlessly larkish show a smidgen of heart. She also gets to wear inarguably the most fabulous of Long’s wardrobe creations, a blood-red goth wedding gown.”

JK’s Theatre Scene

“Sophia Anne Caruso owns the stage and has a huge voice, both perfect for this staging. It is to her credit that she can hold her own (and even dominate) the force of nature that is Alex Brightman.”

Lighting & Sound America

“Young Sophia Anne Caruso, who earned plenty of attention Off Broadway in The Nether and Lazarus, confidently seizes the stage as Lydia, who, in mourning, has made herself into a kind of Charles Addams waif, her ghostly pallor and all-black wardrobe perfectly matched with a default look of lip-curling scorn. …she brings the only touch of real feeling to the proceedings.”

The New York Post

“…the talented Caruso, with a Cyndi Lauper-like voice, strikes the right balance.”

New York Theater

“Sophia Anne Caruso, 17, who has wowed New York theatergoers for years with her startling talent and uncomfortable precocity in such shows as The Nether and Lazarus, has a show-stopping number early in Beetlejuice, ‘Dead Mom.'”

New York Theatre Guide

“Alongside him in the original cast is Sophia Anne Caruso, who has landed her first starring role on Broadway as the delightfully quirky Lydia…”

The New York Times

“…also stars the talented…Sophia Anne Caruso as his arch-frenemy…Ms. Caruso, the precocious teenage actress who was an incandescent presence in the David Bowie musical ‘Lazarus’…”


“…Sophia Anne Caruso as Lydia (already an industry vet at 17 and ‘a true prodigy,’ says Brown). So far so good.”

Office Magazine

“…Lydia, played by a plucky Sophia Anne Caruso…”

The Projects World

“Brightman is matched in star presence and musical chops by Caruso, as she travels to hell and back without losing her way.”

Simon Parris: Man in Chair

“Sophia Anne Caruso (Lydia) has an extraordinary belt that belies her petite frame.”

The Stage

“Sophia Anne Caruso’s teenage Lydia Deetz, still inconsolable over the death of her mother, is like a goth Mrs Maisel in Dr Martens….Her voice is strong, and…the confrontation with her father is genuinely moving.”

Stage Biz

“…and especially the one-to-watch seventeen-year-old dynamo – Sophia Anne Caruso – who brings new gloomy glory to Lydia, the part that made Winona Ryder a celebrity at the same age in the 1980s. No stranger to dark roles and material (The Nether, Lazarus, and Blackbird) and holding her own with the best, Caruso has finally been given a starring role on Broadway, no doubt the first of many to come. … In her emo-rock power ballad onstage alone, Caruso sang ‘Dead Mom’ and unleashed all of her teenage angst, emotional intensity and astounding vocal ability. … As powerful as Caruso’s performance was before, it was her heroic trip to the underworld, followed by her father, still seeking her mom in the second act, that led to ‘Going Home,’ a song that best showcased the complicated emotions of grief, the irrationality that can accompany it, and, ultimately, power of blood bonds and forgiveness.”

Stage Right Times

“Caruso’s vocals shine in the song ‘Dead Mom’ and ‘Home.'”


“While following the main narrative from the 1988 Tim Burton film, Beetlejuice expands on the story of Goth teen Lydia (played with panache by rising 17-year-old star Sophia Anne Caruso), making her the central female character….outrageously effervescent performances by….Ms. Caruso…Ms. Caruso’s voice is richly textured and particularly haunting when she sings the solo numbers ‘Dead Mom’ and ‘Home.’ In 2014, I caught Sophia Anne Caruso in a revival of Ruthless! The Musical at an uptown cabaret. Ms. Caruso was just a child then, playing Tina Denmark, a parody of the demented girl Rhoda from The Bad Seed. She had a unique stage presence and one-of-a-kind voice I never forgot. I wrote in the review back then about her ‘wholesome looks, lush singing voice and over-the-top acting style,’ noting that she was going to be quite famous someday. It is remarkable how far Ms. Caruso has come in just five years. With her distinctive voice and spunky performance in Beetlejuice, she’s indeed on her way to Broadway stardom.”

Theatre Criticism

“…Caruso, a 17-year-old phenom, who has a presence that is both commanding and startling. As Lydia, Caruso positively owns her riveting performances in Act One’s ‘Dead Mom’ and Act Two’s ‘Home.’ She is so confident in her work that she seems centered and imbued with the kind of self-assuredness that only comes from decades of work on stage. This waif’s voice is so huge and pure one questions how it can emanate from such a small frame. With this production, we are seeing a Broadway star born who is certain to leave a mark for a generation to come.”

Theater News Online

“…teenaged resident Lydia Deetz (a fabulous Sophia Anne Caruso, somewhat channeling her cinematic predecessor, Winona Ryder, dressed in William Ivey Long’s goth-inspired ensembles).”

Times Square Chronicles

“As Lydia, Sophia Anne Caruso takes a role made famous by Winona Ryder. I have been watching this seventeen-year-old since she appeared at the Lucille Lortel in The Nether for MCC, for which she won a Lucille Lortel nomination at 13. I then watched as she went into David Bowie’s Lazarus and discovered what a marvelous singer she was. She was nominated for an Outer Critics Circle featured actress award. Then on Broadway uncredited she won our hearts in Blackbird. Here, Ms. Caruso stuns with rock perfect vocals. Mark my words, this girl is a mega star.”

Washington Post

“…giving more prominence to the show’s best two performances – Sophia Anne Caruso, as death-obsessed Lydia…”

The Wrap

“Playing Lydia, Sophia Anne Caruso unleashes a laser-focused soprano…”

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