Happy birthday to Zell Steele Morrow (Fun Home), who turned nine today! We hope you had a great day, Zell!

Watch a video from School of Rock‘s opening night where Lilla Crawford (Annie, Billy Elliot) and other stars name their fantasy rock bands on Broadway.com! Lilla also spoke with Playbill.com about why School of Rock and child actors on Broadway inspire others–read that HERE. Lilla and others were also interviewed on School of Rock‘s opening night red carpet–watch it below:

Check out photo coverage from School of Rock‘s opening night on Broadway.com, TheaterMania.com, BroadwayWorld.com, and Playbill.com! Also, there are pictures of the show’s Gypsy Robe Ceremony on BroadwayWorld.com!

Kinky Boots and The Lion King won Best Stage Presentation and first runner-up, respectively, at Gypsy of the Year! Get more information on Playbill.com.

Lazarus has extended its run at New York Theatre Workshop! Congratulations! Get more information on TheaterMania.com.

Check out pictures of Tori Murray (Ruthless!) attending the “Night of Dreams” gala on BroadwayWorld.com! Also, Tori will be interviewed on LA Talk Radio tomorrow night! Get more information on that in the Twitter post below:

Congratulations to alum Chloe Wheeler (Dream Street), who just finished working on “Reddi High,” a show that she helped write and performed in! Here she is celebrating:

And here are pictures and videos from the kids of Gypsy of the Year, School of Rock, Lazarus, Fun Home, Kinky Boots, and The King and I!

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