The Ferryman


Sean Frank Coffey

SEAN FRANK COFFEY (Bobby Carney alt.) Bio coming soon!

Daniel Robert Craniey

DANIEL ROBERT CRANIEY (Bobby Carney alt.) Bio coming soon!

Will Coombs

WILL COOMBS (u/s Declan Corcoran) Thrilled to be a part of the original Broadway cast of The Ferryman! Broadway: Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, A Bronx Tale (Young Calogero). National Tour: Matilda (Nigel). Regional: Billy Elliot (NCT), A Christmas Carol (TIP). Readings: Clint Black’s musical Looking for Christmas. Love to my family, friends & endless thanks to Nancy, Allen, Doug, Carnahan Casting, my many teachers and the entire creative team. @super_will2006

Carly Gold

CARLY GOLD (u/s Nunu “Nuala” Carney) Carly Gold is thrilled to make her Broadway debut in The Ferryman! National Tour: Fun Home (Small Alison). TV: “Super Wings” (Yarri). Heartfelt thanks and gratitude to Jim Carnahan, Jillian Cimini and the entire creative team for this amazing opportunity; Abrams Artists: Jamie Pillet/Victoria Kress/Bonnie Shumofsky; Janine Molinari, Denise Simone, Badiene Magaziner. Special thanks to Mom, Dad, family, friends for endless love and support. Instagram @carly_gold_official

Cooper Gomes

COOPER GOMES (Bobby Carney alt.) Bio coming soon!

Matilda Lawler

MATILDA LAWLER (Honor Carney) Matilda Lawler is thrilled to be making her Broadway debut in The Ferryman. Last fall, she starred opposite Richard Masur in The Net Will Appear at MST. Matilda plays Michaela McManus’s daughter in the upcoming thriller The Block Island Sound by the McManus Brothers. Matilda also enjoys writing, design, and cupcakes. Special thanks to David Doan, CESD, Mom, Lily, Richard and Dad.

Michael Quinton McArthur

MICHAEL QUINTON MCARTHUR (Declan Corcoran) Michael McArthur is thrilled to be making his Broadway debut! He has been performing in his hometown in CT since the age of 6 with his four brothers. TV/Film: “Kevin Can Wait,” Seeking an Elephant. Thanks to Laura Pietropinto at Terrific Talent, Courtney Borresen at Innovative Artists, Carnahan, The Ferryman team, and my family.

Willow McCarthy

WILLOW MCCARTHY (Mercy Carney) made her professional and Broadway debut in the title role of Matilda. Last season she appeared on Broadway in 1984. She is in 6th grade. Much love and gratitude to her friends and family for their love and support, with a special shout out to her cousins, Amy and Lydia, Brian, Rachel, Ellen, and Jillian, thank you.

Bella May Mordus

BELLA MAY MORDUS (u/s Honor Carney, Mercy Carney) Broadway debut! National tour: Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas The Musical (Big League Productions). TV: Comedy Central’s “The Other Two.” Huge thanks to Carson-Adler, Denise Simon, Jim Carnahan, Jillian Cimini and the entire Ferryman team. Love to my grandparents, Mom, Dad, Mila, Penny, and Gizmo. Instagram: @bella_may_mordus

Annie Scarfuto

ANNIE SCARFUTO (Bobby Carney alt.) Bio coming soon!

Brooklyn Shuck

BROOKLYN SHUCK (Nunu Carney) Brooklyn Shuck is a 13 year old actress originally from Lexington, KY. Broadway: Annie, Matilda the Musical, Tuck Everlasting, Les Misérables, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. Regional: Randy Newman’s Foust (City Center), Beaches (Signature Theater and Drury Lane Theater). Television includes: “Rise” (NBC), “Instinct” (CBS). Thanks and love to my family, Nancy Carson and John Mara.

Rafael West Vallés

RAFAEL WEST VALLÉS (Bobby Carney alt.) Bio coming soon!

Review Quotes

Blog Critics

“Michael Quinton McArthur delivers some of the funniest lines of the play with perfect timing.”

The Broadway Blog

“…seven kids, too many to mention but all terrific.”


“And each, as written by Butterworth and imbued with radiant energy by the most astonishingly gifted cast of young actors I’ve ever seen gathered on one stage, has a distinct personality of his or her own. Space alone forbids me from singing their praises individually…and Declan (Michael Quinton McArthur, also making the most of his character’s jabbing darts of humor: ‘As the saying goes,’ runs an exit line, ‘there’s only so much whisky a thirteen year old boy can drink.’)”

The Daily Beast

“A cavalcade of bright-eyed, anarchic, funny, intelligent, occasionally profane children appear, including on the night this critic saw it, a real-life, utterly cute, incredibly well-behaved baby played by cast newcomer Theo Ward Dunsmore.”

Forbes on Film & Footlights

“In a finely acted scene, his brother Declan (Michael Quinton McArthur) taunts him…The brilliant cast truly inhabit their roles, and every action feels truly organic. The older children are realistically boisterous, the younger ones nonchalantly vulgar and fascinated, as children can be, by violence.”

The Hollywood Reporter

“But the newcomers are just as indispensable to this pulsing pastoral symphony, including a gaggle of delightful children who swear like truckers….The young actors also are exceptional, funny and natural.”

Journal Inquirer

“…it has a number of excellent children actors…”

Limelight Magazine

“The Carney children…and especially the young girls Mercy (Willow McCarthy), Honor (Matilda Lawler) and Nunu (Brooklyn Shuck) – are all superb as well as frequently hysterically funny….Michael Quinton McArthur…as…Declan…bring the strut and swagger of the city into the gentle heart of the countryside…”

My Fave Places

“…along with the very wry, very young Michael Quinton McArthur)…The quartet of actresses, mainly kids, playing the Carney girls (Carla Langley, Matilda Lawler, Willow McCarthy, and Brooklyn Shuck) sparkle with puckish and oft-foul-mouthed energy.”

New York Stage Review

“This role is essayed by four alternating infants; the one I caught was thoroughly intent on his performance…(Young Mr. McArthur gets to deliver my new favorite line from the Irish-flavored drama, befitting O’Casey or O’Neill: ‘As the saying goes, there’s only so much whiskey a 13-year-old boy can drink.’) It is impossible not to equally salute the Carney daughters, played by…Brooklyn Shuck, Willow McCarthy, and the pert Matilda Lawler. The last is 7-year-old Honor, who calls herself Cleopatra and at one point refers to her father, Quinn, as Julius. Butterworth gives her a couple of adult-size laugh lines, and she demolishes them.”

New York Theater

“…Brooklyn Shuck, Matilda Lawler, Willow McCarthy…wonderful young actresses all…”

New York Times

“As unlikely as it seems, you’ll have no trouble keeping these characters apart. Each bristles with vivid specificity, even those in nonspeaking parts, like the infant Bobby…Mr. Butterworth has taken pains to define every one of them, and the cast repays him with performances that blaze unconditionally in the moment.”

Riverdale Press

“The children are delightful…”

Stage Left

“…and the three scene-stealing infants who take turns as nine-month old Bobby Carney (the baby I saw was **really** good).””

Theater Pizzaz

“Matilda Lawler as Honor Carney and Willow McCarthy as Mercy Carney stand out among the younger set. But boosted by Mr. Butterworth’s terrific dialog, nearly all the play’s children are whip-smart, precocious and hilarious.”

Theatre Is Easy

“…along with the very wry, very young Michael Quinton McArthur…The quartet of actresses, mainly kids, playing the Carney girls (Carla Langley, Matilda Lawler, Willow McCarthy, and Brooklyn Shuck) sparkle with puckish and oft-foul-mouthed energy.”

Times Square Chronicles

“…gaggle of children, all beautifully and charmingly played by…Matilda Lawler (Honor), Willow McCarthy (Mercy), Brooklyn Shuck (Nunu/Nuala)…and the wickedly funny young Declan, perfect and comically played by the expressive Michael Quinton McArthur (‘Kevin Can Wait’)…”

Times Square Chronicles (written by Suzanna Bowling)

“The cast is exquisite, with…Matilda Lawler whose energy is boundless.”

Washington Post

“Even the Carney kids – JJ, Michael, Shena, Nunu, Mercy, Honor, and baby Bobby – are portrayed in what might be the liveliest assortment since the von Trapp children in ‘The Sound of Music.'”

White Plains CitizeNetReporter

“From the year old baby, Theo Ward Dunsmore who performs flawlessly, to the child actors who precociously interact with some of the best comic lines, (Matilda Lawler, Michael Quinton McArthur, Willow McCarthy, Brooklyn Shuck, Carly Gold, Will Coombs, Bella May Mordus)…”

Women Around Town

“The young actors are terrific. Matilda Lawler’s blithely bloodthirsty Honor deserves special call-out….The Corcoran nephews…Declan (Michael Quinton McArthur, bravo)…Young actors (and animals) are remarkably natural.”

The Wrap

“Despite the horrors of living through the Troubles, the Carney kids appear to be in an adorability contest with the Von Trapp family. They never fight, throw tantrums and even the baby doesn’t cry (at least not at the performance I attended).”


“The Carney kids are also a pack of brilliant young talents, with…the ridiculously adorable Matilda Lawler’s salty, inquisitive Honor (excuse me, she much prefers ‘Cleopatra’) as standouts.”

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